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A complex retrofit adaptation of existing structures to allow the installation of a scrubber system onboard the TT-Line operated Nils Holgersson, a Ro-Ro cargo vessel, IMO number 9217230, deadweight tonnage (DWT) 6,475 tons, built in 2001. Project conducted between July 2015 and January 2016.


The project involved a thorough redesign of the existing structures to allow for the installation of a scrubber system. To implement the solution, we performed the following design operations:

  • alteration of the arrangement of sea chests, 
  • redesign of the cargo hold, 
  • adaptation of the internal structure of the funnel,
  • rearrangement of funnel platforms, 
  • changes in the distribution of bilges, tanks and discharge piping systems, 
  • adding external platforms to allow for ventilator servicing, 
  • creation of a new pump room, 
  • adding a new bulkhead, 
  • recalculation of stability (with the inclining test and a new stability booklet prepared in accordance with DNVGL)
  • delivery of a complete set of required documentation.


By adhering to the demands of the customer, we managed to successfully perform the thorough redesign of substantial structures onboard this large cargo vessel. Our knowledge how to