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A complex conversion of a former patrol vessel into a luxury yacht. The original Samsø belonged to the Barsø Class, which includes a few vessels used by the Danish navy in the 1960s and the 1970s. These former patrol vessels are currently operated by marine industry as support boats for offshore or as yachts.


The project consisted in a complex ingenious reorganization of both the existing structures and the spirit of the vessel to develop a coherent whole that would largely differ from the original in its purpose and functionalities, but would meet the high-end requirements of a demanding customer. In order to respond to the original vision of the owner, we performed the following design operations:

  • extension of the hull by adding additional elements to the original superstructure,
  • redesign of the arrangement of cabins,
  • planning of the location of new manholes, bottom plugs, staircases, skylights, doors, etc.
  • system design for the fitting of cabins with previously lacking facilities (individual bathrooms for each cabin; air conditioning system provided in each cabin),
  • design for the installation of a hybrid sanitation system (gravity sanitary
  • discharge installation and vacuum),
  • design of a new bilge,
  • design of a new fire fighting and emergency system,
  • redesign of the fuel installation,
  • the addition of a bow thruster for better maneuverability,
  • design for the equipment added – e.g. hydraulic gangways, a new watermaker,
  • delivery of a complete set of required documentation.


With the aim of responding to the inspiring requests of the customer, we offered a number of inventive solutions that allowed us not only to substantially reorganize the structures and the systems in the vessel, but also to significantly affect the functionality and the spirit of Samsø. The cooperation with our customer was indeed an example of how even the most ambitious technical requirements can be met in an original attempt to create a vessel with unique character. Having finished our work on Samsø, we are now working on the third vessel of the Barsø Class, yet again showing that flexibility and ingenuity are symptomatic of NAVA’s professional services.