Ballast Water Treatment Systems

The treatment of ballast water, as required by the IMO and the relevant authorities in the USA, actively removes, kills or neutralises organisms prior to discharge.

We have gained our experience executing projects on most types of vessels: ferries, container vessels, tankers (Ex) and others.

We offer complex services throughout the whole design process, ranging from system selection, inspection on board with laser scanning, up to supervision during installation on board and commissioning.

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BWTS reference list

SMT Shipping
Mar 2016
Honor 2017
Pearl 2017
Euroafrica Shipping Lines
ESL Europa 2016
Euroship Services
Fadiq 2016
Celestine 2016
Polskie Ratownictwo Okrętowe
Onyx 2016
Opal 2016
Amonith 2016
DS Tankers
80000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker 2017
80000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker 2018
33735 DWT Bulk Carrier 2017
15154 DWT Vehicles Carrier 2017
33686 DWT Bulk Carrier 2018
93558 DWT Container Ship 2018
84153 DWT Container Ship 2018
84155 DWT Container Ship 2018

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