What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a way for companies to develop their professional goals while delivering a reliable contribution to the society. Aware of its position in the local community, Nava has gone beyond its daily business operations in order to make a valuable impact on other levels. Whether in engineering or in strategic management, we will always seek to add a fair share of a social good to whatever communities of people we live with. People and their needs have always been at the very center of our attention, and will continue to be so in the future.

ShipDX 2020

ShipDX, the only competition for naval architecture students, originally in Romania, thanks to our partnership with GLO Marine is now open for the students from Poland! The goal of the 2020 edition is to explore innovative solutions for designing and building a floating house concept while simultaneously raising awareness of environmental sustainability.

LOTOS PKH Gdańsk ice hockey

Stoczniowiec Gdańsk is a professional ice hockey team in Gdańsk, Poland. They currently play in the Polska Hokej Liga, the top-level ice hockey league in Poland.

The club was founded in 1953 as Polonia Gdańsk, they were renamed Stoczniowiec Gdańsk in 1970. Due to financial difficulties, the original team disbanded in 2013. In 2014, the team was recreated and played in the Polish 1. Liga, the second level league, for two seasons. The team joined the Polska Hokej Liga for the 2016-17 season. Since season 2019/2020 we’re proud sponsors of the team.

St. Nicholas’ Day at the Gdansk Hospice Foundation

We’ve been supporting the Gdańsk Hospice Foundation for years. It has been a registered charity since 2004 to promote the idea of ​​hospice care in the community – both in Pomerania and throughout Poland. This year we’ve raised funds to buy some presents for St. Nicholas’ Day!

N-Day Festival 2019

“You can’t do it”. “What’s the purpose of organizing a music festival when you’re ship designers?”. “It doesn’t make any sense”. It’s what they said. But we didn’t listen. We did listen to some good music instead.

The Gdansk Hospice Foundation

We’re supporting The Gdansk Hospice Foundation for years. It has been a registered charity since 2004 to promoting the idea of ​​hospice care in the community – both in Pomerania and throughout Poland.

The Foundation’s undertakings are diverse in nature, but one of its key assumptions is the material and substantive assistance for Polish hospices, patients and their families as well as the promotion of voluntary work. The immediate reason for the organisation’s foundation was a need to support the Father E. Dutkiewicz (SAC) Hospice in Gdansk; the first hospice and palliative care centre in Pomerania.

The Hunt for Orzeł

The Orzeł (Eagle) was lost without trace with 54 crew aboard somewhere in the North Sea in the  early summer of 1940. She had been taking part in a wartime patrol for the Royal Navy, and disappeared only months after completing one of the most daring and extraordinary maritime escapes on record.

Nava is official partner and sponsor of expeditions attempting to find the Orzeł’s wreck, still lying somewhere at the bottom of the North Sea.

Back to school!

Nava helps to create a relaxation zone in Power Engineering School Complex in Gdańsk. For now we have provided a set of six fancy, colourful pouffes. More to come after the summer break.

Senioralia 2018

Senioralia 2018 in Nowy Dwór Gdański was an event prepared by seniors for kids from local community. Lots of visitors, performances, escape rooms, various workshops and many more – it was a huge success and we’re happy that we were part of this day by providing gifts for children.

Bathrooms renovated for kids

It was such a pleasure! We were responsible for a complete restoration of bathrooms in an orphanage in a small town near Gdańsk. Our interior designer created an amazing project – colorful and full of energy. We provided all the necessary materials and, of course, the renovation team. The final effect looks fantastic! When the redecoration had been completed, we came up with visits and small gifts. The kids were happy, and so were we.

GDM Basket Jam 2017

GDM Basket Jam 2017 was a streetball tournament during Gdańsk Dźwiga Muzę festival. NAVA was one of main sponsors of this event.

A picnic for Gdansk Hospice Foundation

Volunteers from NAVA were present at a family picnic organized by the Gdansk Hospice Foundation. Cosplay, rope walking training, face painting, dance workshops, barbecue and many more activities brought smiles onto kids’ faces. It was a great day!

New gear for Sosnowiec Basketball Team

JAS FBG Sosnowiec is a women basketball team from southern Poland. We have delivered outfits (tracksuits, sweatshirts, polo shirts etc.) and shoes for the U-18 girls team. We have always loved sport, haven’t we?